Puerta del Abra winery was created in the pursuit of achieving the impossible, exploring the unknown and moving away from the classic wine growing regions.

I set up this project together with my wife and children, putting into practice my parents’ teachings who always said that by doing things the right way, you get surprising results from unexpected places.

I started Puerta del Abra winery with the help of Esteban García Bouza and Tomas Hughes who helped me decide where to plant the vineyard and conducted some studies of soil and climate to determine the grapes varieties to be grown. After carrying out several tests, it was decided that the project would start in El Vallecito.

El Vallecito vineyard lies in a valley surronded by a mountain range that belongs to the Tandilia System, on the way from Balcarce to Mar del Plata. We chose this site for its distinctive attributes: uncommon kind of soil that contains porous limestone plaques, a unique microclimate created by the mountains and the wind, and the proximity to the sea that grants singular features. Here, we have managed to create full bodied, structured still wines out of uncommon Argentine varieties and sparkling wines that promise to dazzle with their complex aromas and flavors.

Today, my wife and children are deeply involved in the development of the vineyard and winery. I rely on their support to keep growing day by day. With their help and the work of an extraordinary group of people, Puerta del Abra manages to produce small quantities of wine that challenge the palate of those who truly enjoy a product of exceptional quality.

J. Perez Companc