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Puerta del Abra

The project was set up in 2013 as a desire to own a vineyard in the Balcarce area, in the province of Buenos Aires.

With a spirit of innovation and defying traditions, the first hectares were grown in Sierras de Balcarce, a formation that is part of the Tandilia system, one of the oldest rock formations on our planet.

The environment took us by surprise for its unique attributes and characteristics, which are translated and reflected in the wines. The soil, part of a 480-million rock formation, is remarkably similar to the Champagne’s terroir in Burgundy.  It contains active limestone sediments – key element difficult to find in other regions- that adds minerality and a distinctive quality to the wine. The close proximity to the sea contributes the presence of minerals that are not found in traditional wine regions. The high wind, is a signature trait of this terroir, and it can be beneficial and harmful as well, challenging man and his knowledge on the viticulture art.

Through the integration of biodynamic processes, we show our appreciation for nature’s contribution to our work. These processes strive to minimize the impact of technology on our environment and preserve the vines’ well-being. The result are wines that reflect the distinctive features of the terroir and express a hard-to-come-by genuineness.